“Hard yet silky.”

By all accounts, it’s a juxtapose.

An ostensible irreconcilable phrase.

Yet, according to a dear friend in my professional space, that’s me. It’s a part of how he recently described me. Of course, he said more, but that particular detail intrigued me right away. …

#2. It’s effortless energy.


The lovely Meryl Streep said:

“What makes you different or weird? That’s your strength.”

As far as I know, not many people get me. I can be somewhat left-field with my whimsical-like introverted ways. Eccentric. Direct. Reserved. Wild. Kind. Deep. …

You’ve got to reconnect with the universe if you want to receive the signs.

“Please, show me the way,” I ask the stars. As if their cryptic shine will magically unravel the path ahead of me.

Do the stars answer?

When you ask, the answers are always given. Only, listening to the signs of the universe isn’t as easy as picking up the phone…

Aside from what Mauldin says below.

“You should not trust us until we prove ourselves. That said, the right men are attracted to women who are comfortable with who they are and confident in their own gifts, abilities, and ambitions.”

Mickey Maudlin.

I didn’t hear it from my father. He was never the type to…

Say what you mean. Just don’t say it all.

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Say what you mean.

I don’t know about you, but saying what I mean usually manifests between either delivering my opinion straight from the hip and dead-center with the people in my life or an awkward bunch of words skimming around the point in an attempt to avoid hurting feelings.

But it is the end of the world as we know it.

There is no time left to join the waitlist or delay tending to your most precious connections of tomorrow — no more time to withhold love or hang onto grudges or cling onto guilt or regret.

What’s done, is done.

There’s no more time to count your money, sit on…

Because some things are nobody else’s business.

Just the other day, my mother went to tell me about someone else’s business. Of course, I instantly rejected the conversation because I’m not into unnecessary gossip.

I think it’s toxic.

Despite that, a relative feels the need to share the ins and outs of her relationship with my mom…

October writing prompt.

I was eight years old when my parents split. Soon after, my mother began seeing a much older man who had lost his wife a few years earlier to cancer.

Ron was lovely. He was an old-school gentleman the likes of which they don’t make these days. He was mature…

Here’s what every man needs to know about it.

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I was thirty-five when my friend’s seventeen-year-old son made a ballsy move to hit on me. God bless him. I knew I was the shit the moment he followed me into my bathroom, cooing at me as if I were a teenage girl. At first, I was stunned, but that…

You know, genuinely sexy.

There was a time when all it took for me to feel sexy was hearing Nine Inch Nails slamming out Closer. These days? I need killer eye contact with a sharp man who smells like a summer storm and who can make me laugh until my panties slide south.


Kim Petersen

Part-time Rebellion. Full-time keyboard Warrior | Writing about - Soul. Love. Humor. Passion. Spirituality. Sensuality. Sex. Life. | https://kimpetersen.com.au

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