You’ve got to reconnect with the universe if you want to receive the signs.

“Please, show me the way,” I ask the stars. As if their cryptic shine will magically unravel the path ahead of me.

Do the stars answer?

When you ask, the answers are always given. Only, listening to the signs of the universe isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and dialing up the 111-universe help hotline. It would be nice if that were the case but it’s not. And that means it can be easy to ignore the signs when the universe is attempting to collaborate with you.

The trick is that it takes intentional practice to work out…

Let’s talk about how to deal with creeps.

“Creepiness is the state of being creepy or causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.” — Wikipedia

It was early. My mother and her friend had taken us kids to the beach to watch the sunrise. As we settled on the sand with a mug of hot chocolate, a man appeared from along the shoreline. His bare legs poked from beneath a brown trench as he stopped a few meters away to face us. Then, he grinned before he pried apart his coat to reveal his version of a sunrise.

Yes. He was a streaker.

My Mom’s friend got…

Express your true, soulful self.

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

— Rumi

It isn’t even that some of us have an uncanny niggling that time is neither our friend nor foe. Or that somewhere, in an untapped part of our soul lies obscure memories imprinted from another lifetime of ancient civilizations like the Amorite dynasties of Babylon, circa 1894 BC; or the Aegean Neolithic farmers of the Bronze Age. Purpose will always outweigh time and your soul will always possess…

Here’s the universal truth about it.

“When a neighbor gets divorced everyone thinks of his own wife.”

~ Swiss Proverbs


The above quote can be taken two ways.

When a neighbor gets divorced:

a) A man thinks of his own wife and what new experiences may exist for him beyond his marriage, or,

b) A man thinks of his wife and the thought of facing his own divorce makes him shiver in his dirty boots.

Honestly, the latter option screams the truth here.

You know those lengths of sticky fly paper? They come in a box with the ribbons all neatly rolled up inside. Fresh…

A beautiful face will get you everywhere. Almost.

Beauty isn’t all that. We’re so conditioned by the “Halo Effect” that we are fast to assume that beautiful people are happier or that they’ve got it easier because of their above-average looks. How did we wind up so hyper-focused on youth and exterior beauty, anyway? As if being or possessing beauty makes the secret sauce for all of life’s pleasures. Maybe it isn’t fair that some of us come into the world with an advantage like perfect symmetrical features or a multi-million-dollar inheritance. …

And it is not as bad as you think.

Think back to your first relationship. Could you have been completely fulfilled if you had remained with that person forevermore? Could you have faced a lifetime of learning and growing with that first lover? What about your second lover … third?

While some of us are destined to discover our truest love connection within a first relationship, more often than not this isn’t the case. By true love connection, I am referring to the kind of bonds that endlessly trigger inner growth on the essential levels — Emotionally. Spiritually. Sexually. Soulfully.

The enchanting realm of perpetual fusion.

Those qualities in…

And I’m not talking multiples here.

“Sexuality is our spirituality in physical form.”

Amy Jo Goddard

“Did you cum?”

“Oh yeah. It was so good, honey.”

I used to lie to my boyfriend about achieving orgasm. Particularly during our first years together. I had no idea how it felt to erupt from the inside out, and I hated lying to him about it. I didn’t nail the fake orgasm quite like Meg Ryan’s famous performance in the 89’ flick When Harry Met Sally, and I always felt as if he would see right through me, but he never did. At least, not aloud. Eventually, I…

It takes all kinds to make a world.

It would be beneficial to get the lowdown on our potential neighbors before hauling our belongings and life into a new place. I was thinking about some version of a neighbor profiling service that outlines typical character traits and nuances, depicting an overall neighbor compatibility score based on personal preferences.

We could then select a new dwelling based on the outcome.

  • The neighbor with incessantly barking dogs — Negative.
  • The neighbor with screaming kids — Negative.
  • The neighbor who blasts music into the wee hours every weekend — Negative.
  • The neighbor who listens to any music resembling “doof-doof” — Double…

From the Living Out Loud Writers

“Beautiful writing isn’t about the words we use but the emotions we evoke.” — Kate Ganshert

I’m late. No, I don’t mean that I skipped a period late. I mean late with compiling LOL’s stellar articles of April 2021 and delivering them to you in one big love mash-up.

Sorry I’m late.

I recently stumbled upon the above-mentioned quote on Pinterest. Here’s the Pin image:

Even matters of the soul come with a price.

“What am I missing here?”

I wasn’t talking about anything tangible per se. I wasn’t even talking to another human. All I knew was that my life felt inauthentic, a little hollow, and a lot lost. As if each day was slowly eating away at my spirit. Or whatever.

The solution had nothing to do with the outside world. I had what I needed to survive. I loved and was loved. I had enough money to support myself and my children. I had spent time traveling, exploring ideas, and experiencing sporadic blissful moments along the way. Still, I couldn’t shake…

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