Let’s talk about how to deal with creeps.

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It was early. My mother and her friend had taken us kids to the beach to watch the sunrise. As we settled on the sand with a mug of hot chocolate, a man appeared from along the shoreline. His bare legs poked from beneath a brown trench as he stopped a few meters away to face us. Then, he grinned before he pried apart his coat to reveal his version of a sunrise.

Yes. He was a streaker.

My Mom’s friend got…

The introverted woman is a species all her own.

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Two attractive women walk into a crowded bar. Their dark glossy hair contrasts against their pale lips, and the color of their eyes are almost identical. You would be forgiven for mistaking them for sisters. It could have been true bar for the fact that they were polar opposites in every which way but their physical similarities. None so much as their starkly different introvert/extrovert personalities.

It’s true that most extroverted women delight in constant chitchat and colorful banter, while the introverted woman finds the prospect quite draining, as well as…

Express your true, soulful self.

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— Rumi

It isn’t even that some of us have an uncanny niggling that time is neither our friend nor foe. Or that somewhere, in an untapped part of our soul lies obscure memories imprinted from another lifetime of ancient civilizations like the Amorite dynasties of Babylon, circa 1894 BC; or the Aegean Neolithic farmers of the Bronze Age. Purpose will always outweigh time and your soul will always possess…

Here’s the universal truth about it.

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The above quote can be taken two ways.

When a neighbor gets divorced:

a) A man thinks of his own wife and what new experiences may exist for him beyond his marriage, or,

b) A man thinks of his wife and the thought of facing his own divorce makes him shiver in his dirty boots.

Honestly, the latter option screams the truth here.

You know those lengths of sticky fly paper? They come in a box with the ribbons all neatly rolled up inside. Fresh…

A beautiful face will get you everywhere. Almost.

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Beauty isn’t all that. We’re so conditioned by the “Halo Effect” that we are fast to assume that beautiful people are happier or that they’ve got it easier because of their above-average looks. How did we wind up so hyper-focused on youth and exterior beauty, anyway? As if being or possessing beauty makes the secret sauce for all of life’s pleasures. Maybe it isn’t fair that some of us come into the world with an advantage like perfect symmetrical features or a multi-million-dollar inheritance. …

Is he coming or going? He probably doesn’t even know.

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Have you ever seen the giant cuttlefish mate? The entire affair is an impressive underwater display of male rivalry that showcases their amazing camouflage and pattern-pulsing abilities. Moving toward the skies, male birds court their females with elaborate dance, songs and nest-building techniques. The flame bowerbird in particular has a nifty trick. He can alter his pupil size at will. It is a hypotonic skill that assists this little gentleman in gaining a feathered feminine favor. Males in the animal…

It is about time we all actually “woke” up.

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A prehistoric monster has awakened. He looks like a cross between a T-rex and a sea snake. No one knows his true origins but authorities believe that he emerges from the sea at specific geographical points across the earth when a humanitarian crisis is at its peak. The beast isn’t here to bring good fortune. Rather, he thrives on the escalating obnoxious traits of human beings. Things like hate-mob mentality, cyber-bullying, and outrage culture. He kills without discrimination, nonetheless. Collecting kind, compassionate souls along with the crud. Like many humans, the beast kills strangers.

Don’t you just love overhearing snippets of conversations?

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I do.

I’m not a snoop but some types of random communication between strangers help to kickstart my writer’s ear — I like to tune into the way people talk, their quirky wisecracks and tone of voice.

It can be interesting research for any writer.


Because its real life now, that’s why. Every writer knows how important it is to capture authentic dialogue in their work. It’s the unique flavor of people and their conversations that we want convey in our creations. …

Not all Southern Belles wear hoop skirts and fry green tomatoes.

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I’m not entirely sure what the rest of the world thinks about Australian women, if at all. For some, she may be a glitch on a radar in a distant land. An abnormality or an exception, depending on who’s doing the analysis and how much they consider Australia to be an actual “real” part of the world.


It can be easy to dismiss a country located so far away that it takes much self-rallying just to board a plane to get there. We’re talking copious amounts…

Let the fake people keep each other. You and I know better.

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Street smarts. Most of us know that it’s vital to possess a certain amount of shrewdness in order to survive an urban reality. We might not like it, but the truth is that if we want to stay alive and preserve our wellbeing, we’ve got to tap into our instinctual resources and learn how to handle ourselves while out in the wild. Street smarts is an intelligence gained from life experience outside of schooling. It’s a self-protective skill that uses — and I say the following term loosely — common-sense — and the ability to be aware of your surroundings…

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